Current Class Listings for PETHEORY
(As of: 07/18/19 08:29:03 AM)
Course IDCourse TitleUnits
PETHEORY040Introduction to Kinesiology3
PETHEORY041Sport in Society3
PETHEORY042JTheory of Track and Field2
PETHEORY042QBeginning Coaching of Offensive Football1.50
PETHEORY042RIntermediate Coaching of Offensive Football1.50
PETHEORY042TBeginning Coaching of Defensive Football1.50
PETHEORY042UIntermediate Coaching of Defensive Football1.50
PETHEORY044AIntro theory of Soccer2
PETHEORY044BAdvanced Theory of Soccer2
PETHEORY049Psychology of Fitness and Sport Performance3
PETHEORY050HSpecial Studies: Physical Education2
PETHEORY069VPE Theory Internship2

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